Connoiseur’s Cut Gin

Connoiseur’s Cut Gin

Distilled in the Heart of The City of London

47% ABV

Inspired by London, Johnny Neill has focused and refined the most beautiful of Traditional London Dry Gins, letting the rich juniper and citrus notes hero. This Connoisseur’s Cut Gin is paying homage to the Whitley Neill family and its distilling beginnings. Bottled at a higher ABV of 47% to ensure all botanicals shine and carefully cutting the gin at precisely the right point, provides us with an exceptional Gin to add to our Whitley Neill range.


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Piney punch of juniper, laced with dry peppery notes. Undertones of freshly peeled citrus linger


Coriander Seed
Angelica Root
Liquorice Root
Orange Peel
Lemon Peel
Grapefruit Peel


Bold and dry – juniper heavy upfront while hints of lemon and grapefruit sit alongside dried orange and liquorice


The higher ABV becomes more apparent on the back end, warming and peppery with lots of pine and lemon on the finish.