Gin Competition

Light-hearted & fun gin distilling experience for groups with a bit of friendly rivalry thrown in


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(minimum 10 people)

Not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy


We welcome groups of 10-18 to the Gin Lab, to learn about distilling and to distil their very own personalised bottle of gin (20 cl) per person.  We introduce a little friendly rivalry through a blind-tasting to select the best gin. The Gin Competition takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes and includes a G&T. Excellent event for our corporate clients for team-building, encouraging collaboration or just having fun.

personalising your gin


Think of a name for your team’s gin, then stick it to your 20 cl bottles of gin. Finally, apply the red wax to seal the bottles.

Designing your gin


After a warm welcome, we’ll divide the group into teams. You’ll start by exploring a whole range of botanicals and, with as much guidance as you need, each team will design the recipe and prepare the ingredients for its gin.

Distilling your gin


The it’s into the Gin Lab to fire up team’s mini-still.  You’ll nurture your gin throughout the distillation taking tastings and deciding when to make the cut.

blind tasting


Now for the Gin Competition. Everyone gets involved in this through a blind tasting of all the gins. The team whose gin scores the highest wins. Big congratulations to the winning team.



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